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The Beauty of Spring

With the beauty of spring in full swing, we’re once again reminded of the therapeutic effects of nature. The quintessential remedy for feelings of loneliness and isolation, nature unfailingly shows us a form of inherent interconnectedness that extends far beyond individual mortality. 

Rivers run into lakes which flow into oceans, a smattering of trees signals the beginning of a forest. By moving away from an anthropocentric mindset and viewing our individual existence as one of many connections to nature, we are better able to recognise the importance of our transient lives.

Tapping into the force within a flower, each Koala Eco product is developed with nature at its heart. From cool, crisp peppermint and uplifting pink grapefruit to creamy lemon myrtle and herbaceous, woodsy rosemary, each Koala Eco formula is built around the potent power of nature.

The ideal opportunity to stock up on your favourite household formulas (or try something you missed!), we’re offering a massive 15% off our entire home range. From mood-setting room sprays to cleaners for every room in the house, our range of household cleaners and home care products caters to every need.

Already in love?
If you’ve already found your favourite Koala Eco products, try opting for a 1L refill rather than doubling up on our 500ml bottles. You’ll save around 20% off each formula while treading more lightly on the environment; simply keep your empty standard-sized Koala Eco bottles and pour in the refills for each of use. 
Many of our most beloved formulas are available in 1L sizes, including our Laundry Wash, Dish Soap, Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, and Floor Cleaner

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