First review of K/E Laundry is 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠!

“Endorsed.” The scent of K/E essential oils is absolutely superior and cleaning power best in class. Congratulations on a wonderful product launch! Sam, GA

Our package was on our doorstep when I went out for the paper this morning. We are impressed with the well thought out packaging matching the high quality of the product, well done. We are also pleased to learn your containers are now made from recycled plastic. We live in a retirement village and the village has recyclable items collection bins next to each of the mailbox clusters. Residents that care vet the bins daily and remove inappropriate items.
Ann, NSW

Yes! This is why I love Koala Eco products. It’s transformed cleaning the house into an almost completely pleasurable experience. I listen to an uplifting podcast while I scrub and smell the beautiful oils, knowing I’m not consuming any nasty chemical toxins. Love it, thank you Skye, NSW❤️

I can only repeat myself : I am an absolute fan
of your products it ticks every box -
It’s effective, smells fresh and clean, very
reasonable price, eco friendly and the design with the
stunning labels is the icing of the cake as it
looks so pretty on my kitchen bench! Brigitte, NSW

I just wanted to say your products are amazing, and your customer service is on point. I hope your business is doing well during these uncertain times. I received your products after two days from ordering which is amazingly fast.
I just wanted to give you guys some positive feedback and keep up the good work!!! Lou, NSW

I received my order, just wanna say that you are making fantastic products❤️  Vege wash without any after taste, and feel the difference after washed, love it Kitchen cleaner is great too, biodegradable, plant based.
Thank you, highly recommended products 💕🌿
A happy Koala Eco user! Keira, WA

Overdue review: I have tried numerous eco cleaning products but Koala Eco is really effective. When cleaning your home becomes a therapeutic experience. I have cleaned the house from top to bottom and my hands does not feel stripped. There is more joy in cleaning! It feels like Christmas every time their products arrive at our doorstep! This is one brand I hope I will never ran out of in our house. Thank You Koala Eco! All the best! Sophie, QLD

Thank you so much, I got my product and took it straight out of the box and started cleaning. Your formulation is fantastic. So I've already ordered more. Thank you again Kaja Malouf, NSW

Thank you so much for your quick response and generous assistance.
I am so happy to have stumbled across the Koala Eco brand, your products and core beliefs are fantastic. Please stay safe and keep up the good work! :)
Jeraldine, NSW

I am so incredibly grateful. Your products are soooo good, they smell amazing and actually work! It has been such a difficult journey to find environmentally friendly products that do the job and yours win hand down. They are always quickly delivered and packed well. Thanks again for running such a wonderful company and offering outstanding products. Jacinta, NSW

I absolutely LOVE the Koala products. House cleaning is not my  activity, but it certainly becomes much more pleasant using the Koala products. The lovely scents just fill our home with brightness, but don't let that fool you, these are superior cleaning products that get the job done! Cheryl, NH

Thank you so much! Best customer service! I will happily be recommending Koala Eco to all my family and friends. Absolutely love your products, especially knowing my house is toxin free for my 8 month old baby! Rhiannon, SA

I am absolutely loving your products! Even my partner (who is a true Aussie tradie) was like holy crap this soap smell so good! It’s amazing!!
Can’t wait to continue using your products and spread the word about the company! Maddison, SA

I am passionate about cleaning and the environment and these products are by far the nicest I have ever come across! Annemarie, NSW

I have a house full and caravan full of your products and absolutely love them, so Thank you from me for producing a wonderful product!! Melissa, WA

Thank you so much your products are the best! I’m more than happy to support this company especially with service like this! I will be telling everyone about your amazing products. Maddy, Victoria

I am in the process of finishing a big renovation (we are at painting stage) and I did a big house clean yesterday using the floor wash (the peppermint and mandarin is so lovely and refreshing, and there were no streaks on the floorboards. They came up beautifully even after all the tradies’ boots coming and going!) and finishing off with the room spray. I love the lovely fresh, light scent that your products leave, and the knowledge that tipping the wash water down the sink is not contributing to our environmental challenges. Erin, NSW

Thank you so much 🙏, as a vegan, animal lover 🐨🦘and environmentalist it seems only natural to align myself with a company that shares my life values. Jill, QLD

Hi team, I wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for creating such beautiful products considering our environment . I have purchased from you a few times now and i am slowly learning and educating myself on how I can do my bit for sustaining our environment. Thank you again for your support and wonderful products. Kerrie, Victoria

Yesterday I placed a small order with you to send to my daughter and I received a discount code which was lovely😊Your products are just lovely and I’m in love with the glass cleaner which I use everywhere and on everything except the dog - I use the room spray to sweeten up her bed though 😄 Thanks for producing such lovely products💕 Katherine, NSW

We've been using your products and they're absolutely divine and smell amazing, thank you so much! It was lovely to learn more about your products in your previous email and I love your company's commitment to sustainability. I'll definitely continue to buy from you in the future. Have a lovely day! Eliza, NSW

Very happy to support local & so great to hear about the post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The new body wash sounds super dreamy!! Lok, SA

I am so in love with all your products! You’ve taken my love for cleaning to a whole new level. Yvonne, NSW

Hi, just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful products you make. I’m really blown away, they’re the first thing I’ve ever bought off an Instagram ad and I expected them to be just ‘okay’. They smell amazing but more importantly clean everything so well! Feeling so lucky that you guys exist. Keep doing great things. Avara, NSW

I have used your products once before and love them so much. I have major allergies, and love to use natural products that are also environmentally friendly. Well done on creating a beautiful range of cleaning products! I look forward to receiving my next order! Ailie, NSW

This is the best stainless steel cleaner that I've used! Anyone that comes to the house remarks on how nice the kitchen smells. I use it on the fridge and splash back tiles too and the range hood. Today I'm using it on a sticky red stain on an old oak dresser that I'm restoring and it's lifting it out of the wood grain! Peppermint oil; nothing better! Jane, Victoria

Hands down you have the best smelling products on the market. I love the fact you’re using Australian ingredients. I stumbled across your kitchen cleaner in a South Coast small IGA and was blown away by the beautiful smell. I jumped online when we got back from holidays and ordered one of all your products. Love them. I especially love the smell of your hand soap. Great work guys, wonderful products. Sarah, NSW

I already love your products and I could tell from the smell that you use pure essential oils. You will also love to hear that upon finding our cleaner here in the Southern Highlands for the house, I asked them to use Koala Eco products. I told them I didn't want any toxins or chemicals used in the house, they were sceptical and reluctant. I said please just use them today, if you find that its not working please let me know (I knew they worked). Well, they were amazed that they worked, smelled great and was kind on their hands. That made me very happy! I love converting people to non-toxic living. Kiera, NSW

Just mopped my floors with the floor cleaner, AMAZING! Kylie, WA

I use Koala eco at home and the smell is amazing and it does a fantastic job at cleaning too. So when work asked me to buy eco friendly kitchen spray I knew extactly where to go. I will set up a reoccurring order when we are settled into our new office. Thank you for a wonderful product. Michelle, SA

I’m totally converted. Your products are divine and I’ve been destining their virtues to my friends. With two little babies and my tendency to get contact dermatitis from the majority of cleaning products these are a dream. I’m pretty much hooked for life. The smell is pretty gosh darn great too. Thank you for making being environmentally friendly a little bit easier (we are slowly moving towards the three RRR’s as much as we can). I loved that the package was all recycled too bravo. Kylie, NSW

I'm loving the smell of everything and am blown away by your customer service! I'm glad to have found such a great company and will happily buy more of your products in the future. Katie, QLD

I have been meaning to send you an email but have been too busy cleaning. I don’t know how to word it but WOW…I have tried a lot of natural cleaning products but these are the best I have ever purchased. Your products smell so amazing and I absolutely love them. I finally have found products that not only smell amazing but clean so well. It is so good to know that I can clean without getting a migraine but instead relaxes you. My daughter who has allergies cannot get enough either. Thank you for your amazing work and all the effort you put in to deliver products that not only work and smell great, but also have pure Australian Oils as an ingredient. I always try my best to do and use what is best for our environment so it great when you find products that not only smell and clean beautifully but also help our environment. Keep up the amazing work that you do and thank you once again for for all your hard work that has gone into these wonderful products. Daniela, SA 

Thank you! I’m a return customer.. love your products, especially with a young family. Amy, Victoria

Congratulations on such beautiful, ethical and effective products. I love the effort that you have gone to, to educate existing and prospective customers in regard to the ingredients within your products. I buy only organic and ethical products so these fit well and truly. I simply cannot wait to start cleaning with them and will tell my family and friends who are like minded in respect to what they introduce into their homes. Daniele, Victoria 

For me having a clean and tidy home is important. Clutter and grime give me anxiety. I may be slightly OCD about it but I take pride in my home so keeping it clean is something I also take pride in. I post about this brand a lot but for good reason, @koalacoeco are the only cleaning products I use ( I just love them). They make everything you need to clean a kitchen to bathroom, room surfaces, floors, hands and even fruit and veggies! This one I love as I don't always buy organic so I like to know we're not ingesting any chemicals. Help the planet just a little bit and buy non toxic products + help your home with these beautiful smelling and looking ones! Helena, NSW 
I recently received the new cleaning cloth I ordered and I'm so happy with it, the original ones I ordered were good but these new ones are truly amazing softer and nicer to use and still 100% organic bamboo so I don't worry about what is going out to the oceans when I wash them so thank you for the incredible product, I love it. Meg, Victoria

Loving all the products, I wish I had found them earlier and now all my friends are also fans Kirstie, SA

I am loving how good my house smells. It is the first time ever that I have cleaned my home and afterwards sat back and thought - that was so worth it! My house is shining and smells divine. Love every one of the products. I’ve purchased and will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family! Shannyn, Adelaide

I saw your product being used by a friend and thought I would give it a go. I have been using other natural products and I was just finding they didn't clean as effectively and now we have fruit flies everywhere. A day of your product and its made a huge difference! Emma, NSW

My family loves your products and we’re so excited to discover your subscription options. Cara, Victoria

The freshness of the peppermint + grapefruit room and linen spray is lingering in my nose and really sprucing up my otherwise chilly Friday afternoon. Josiah, WA

We are a secondhand bookshop and we just love using your products to clean our books. Benita, Victoria

I purchased your kitchen spray product and I have used it in the following places:
• Kitchen (obviously)
• Bedroom (bedside tables, chest of drawers and bed head)
• Dining room (buffet table and high chairs)
• Lounge room (coffee table and children table and chairs)
• Laundry (to wipe down washing machine and sinks)
I have tried to use your product at every opportunity and to be completely honest, I'm in love. Actually, I'm obsessed. I've never emailed about a product before but I just had to let you know. The kitchen spray cuts through absolutely everything. The children table and chairs are white and have been getting a big grubby but I swear your product has cleaned it up! I was so surprised! The stove top, done! It's even great for my giant wooden chopping board that permanently sits on the kitchen counter. And every time I clean someone walks in and compliments me on the smell in then house. Now if you've ever been to a house occupied by 2 toddlers, you would know that is a compliment to not take lightly! I just wanted to let you know that you guys have a good thing going and the best thing is that it's completely guilt free because I know I'm not loading my kids lungs with chemicals. I've bought the bathroom products for each bathroom and will never purchase another cleaning product again. Cleanest regards. Carolyn, Victoria

Our house smells divine and I didn’t have to hold my breath whilst cleaning like I normally do with my asthma. It’s so nice knowing I’m using something that’s good for the environment and my family. Emma, Newcastle

The Glass Cleaner. It was a pleasure (as much as housework can be) to clean all our glass topped side tables, coffee table and dining table, photo frames. Mirrors next. Delightful fragrance. Looking for more glass to clean! Jennifer, NSW

I use your bathroom cleaner to clean my humidifier. Magic and no toxins! Martha, Arizona

With my older children I always felt pangs of guilt as I wiped down the high chair tray with the usual “cleaning” wipes, knowing their food would be sitting on this tray and then into their mouth. Now with  my baby, I was lucky to discover Koala Eco Multipurpose kitchen spray. Spritz on the tray and a quick wipe and I feel so much better placing her food down. An extra spray last night and I even got the beetroot stains out. Love it! Natalie, Sydney

I am thrilled to have found your Dish Soap and even more thrilled it comes from Australia. The land Down Under, of Koalas 🐨, Kangaroos, Hot Country Singers (Keith Urban), and Actors (Hugh Jackman), who knew  it would also be where my Dish Soap is Made. Kathleen, Massachusetts

I was kindly gifted Koala Eco products by a good friend when I recently moved house. I have always suffered from eczema on hands, and often dread using standard household cleaning products as it can be very painful and really aggravate my skin. Not knowing much about the product, I was excited to give it a try. The packaging is gorgeous and the product is natural – perfect! When actually using them, they not only smell divine but clean better than products I have used before. I will definitely be using these products in the future and will keep an eye out for new products you release - hand wash, laundry detergent? Hannah, Sydney

I have only used the kitchen cleaner but wow, it's cleaned my benches beautifully and left no streaks. Usually I clean than dry but no need to dry, it was perfect! Thank you. So happy to have such a natural product to use. Debbie, Perth

Your products arrived straight away OMG the essential oils smell sooooooo good!! Elizabeth, Sydney

I suffer from allergic contact dermatitis, most cleaning products trigger irritation. Koala Eco products are the first I've tried which do not cause any reaction. I am happy to have found this great product line. Abby, Boston

The Lemon Myrtle Kitchen spray easily took the marks off my walls. Alex, Perth

I always try my best to do and use what is best for our environment so it great when you find products that not only smell and clean beautifully but also help our environment. Keep up the amazing work that you do and thank you once again for for all your hard work that has gone into these wonderful products. Amy, SA

Our house smells divine and I didn’t have to hold my breath whilst cleaning like I normally do with my asthma. It’s so nice knowing I’m using something that’s good for the environment and my family. Emma, Newcastle

The Glass Cleaner. It was a pleasure (as much as housework can be) to clean all our glass topped side tables, coffee table and dining table, photo frames. Mirrors next. Delightful fragrance. Looking for more glass to clean! Jennifer, NSW

Just tried the Peppermint Glass Cleaner on my dining table. I love it! Works really well and smells lovely. Rachel, Sydney 

My staff have been saying all day how good the warehouse smells. Matt, Perth

Your Multi Purpose Bathroom Cleaner with Eucalyptus worked a treat on the marks on my porcelain tub I’ve tried other cleaners and it has never come off. Joanne, Victoria

I have already used the kitchen cleaner and it’s seriously divine! You’ve converted me in one use. Even my dish cloth smells amazing now. Allie, Sydney

My wife and I love your products! You have got new customers in us. Nick, Sydney

The Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin Multi Purpose Kitchen Cleaner doesn’t leave any streaks and also works really well on my wooden table. Lucy, Margaret River, WA

Great product, made my home sparkling and I felt really at ease knowing I was not adding toxic fumes into my home. Charles, Brisbane, Queensland

This product changed my life I will never use toxic cleaning products again! Maggie, Adelaide, SA

With all of the pollution and toxic chemicals out in our world it feels really good to be able to clean and not bring them into my home. Ben, Sydney

I have been using all of the Koala Eco cleaning products for a week now and absolutely love them. The essential oils not only leave the kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean, but the wonderful scent throughout the house is an absolute bonus. It is so nice to be using an eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning product that really works. Cheryl, New Hampshire

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and confirming. Can't wait for the delivery. Seriously never looked forward so much to cleaning...! Anna

I've just received my package of all five cleaning products...where have you been all of my life! They are divine! I'm enjoying cleaning for the first time in ages! So refreshing! Thank you for such amazing products. Seriously considering gifting everyone these packs they are that amazing. Fay, Wollongong

I absolutely love this product, it's the best! I've been using it so much that I will be buying the whole collection. My friends are now using them as well and I will keep spreading the word because the product is fab.  Georgina, Sydney

Hubby bought home the kitchen cleaner last week as he thought it was cute with the brand being called ‘Koala Eco’ as I have a YouTube channel and online store called ‘Koalafication’, (we live among a koala population in the Adelaide Hills). I could quickly tell that this product was actually very superior – I literally cleans / shines and wipes off all muck in one go. I have a 16 month old and have just finished chemotherapy and radiotherapy and so having non toxic products in my home is super important – as well as having a product that makes my ‘cleaning’ life easier! I can see that your stainless steel cleaning products contain peppermint oil which is great as we have an ant issue around our sink and I keep them at bay with peppermint oil, so this saves me one job. Just want to say a big thanks for making a product that actually contains good quality and quantity of essential oils that work. Alicia, Adelaide

I didn't realise you were only 2 years old! I had a baby over a year ago and wanted to switch my cleaning products to a less harmful/toxic product before my bub was born and found Koala eco via goggle search. Seriously the best product and customer service has always been quick and responsive. Lu, Victoria

So glad to have found your products 🐨 Just loving them, gorgeous label, looks lovely on the bench... and scent👌 I’m now buying back up and for my friends for gifts 🙏🏻😉♥️ Just had to tell you xx - Jenelle, NSW