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Turning To Nature

“As a writer, I find gardens essential to the creative process; as a physician, I take my patients to gardens whenever possible,” said author and neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks, who often advocated nature as therapy. With our origins in the earth, it’s no wonder that we have an inherently positive response to nature. Whether it’s a newfound positive outlook following a walk in the sun or the sense of calm felt while floating in a lake, we’ve all experienced the beneficial effects of nature. 

At Koala Eco, we’re passionate proponents of turning to nature during trying times, with each and every one of our products working to harness the positive force within a plant. Sustainable, non-toxic spring cleaning extends not just to every facet of the home, but to the clothing we wear. So, this week is all about our Laundry Wash and Room & Linen Spray.

Sensorial pleasure with every step 
Making it easier to carry a piece of nature wherever you go, our Laundry Wash combines the antibacterial properties of lemon scented eucalyptus and rosemary in one powerful concentrate. Septic tank and greywater safe, our non-toxic Laundry Wash goes a long way, with just two capfuls required for each load. Meanwhile, our Room & Linen Spray brings the rich scent of the Australian bushland into your home. Uplifting pink grapefruit and invigorating peppermint come together to energise your mood and reset your space, with just a few spritzes making for the ideal way to set a positive tone each morning. 

Heaven scent
To prevent your clothes developing an unpleasant stale odour during storage, try adding a few drops of essential oil - like calming lavender - and using it to line your drawers. Alternatively, a few sprays of our Room & Linen Spray directly onto your clothes will help them retain that clean, freshly washed scent. 

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