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How To Wash and Sanitise Your Face Mask for Optimal Health and Hygiene 

Along with hand sanitiser, face masks have undeniably been the breakout product of the past year, going from a relatively niche use-driven item to a daily necessity for the wider population. In line with CDC recommendations, face masks or coverings are now mandatory in many parts of Australia, in both indoor and outdoor public settings. 

While professional-grade N95 masks and surgical masks are for one-time use only and best reserved for healthcare workers, cloth masks are designed to be reused. However, it’s essential to properly clean and care for your reusable cloth face mask to ensure optimal hygiene and prevent the spread of disease. 

Why is it important to wear a face mask?

Wearing a face mask is essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When we talk, sneeze, cough, or even breathe, we disperse minute particles into the air. Face masks limit the volume and reduce the spread of particles that are emitted into the air, thereby reducing the chance of spreading or acquiring the virus. 

How often should you wash your face mask?

As per CDC guidelines, reusable cloth face masks should be washed and sanitised after each use. Regularly washing your face mask is essential to eliminate surface debris, dirt, and bacteria as well as prevent particles from lingering on your face mask and potentially exposing those around you to the virus.

How to clean your cloth face mask

Cloth face masks can either be washed by hand or in a washing machine along with your regular laundry. As an item that’s in continuous contact with your face for the majority of the day, it’s essential to select a gentle detergent that doesn’t irritate your skin or respiratory system. Suitable for both hand and machine washing, our Natural Laundry Wash harnesses the antibacterial power of mandarin and peppermint essential oils to ensure a thorough, effective wash without the use of harsh chemicals that can potentially trigger or exacerbate skin and respiratory issues. 

While hand or machine washing your mask after each use is the gold standard, it’s not always possible. Our Natural Hand & Surface Spray makes for a quick and easy way to sanitise your cloth face mask. Available in scents of Rosalina & Peppermint or Lemon-Scented Tea Tree, our Hand & Surface Spray uses 75% sugarcane derived biodegradable alcohol (the CDC recommends at least 60%) to kill over 99.99% of germs. Potent and powerful, it can be used to sanitise face masks in addition to hands and hard surfaces. Simply spray your face mask 3-4 times on either side and leave it to air dry.

Our Hand & Surface Spray can also be used to freshen and sanitise your face mask on the go, working to not only eliminate bacteria and airborne toxins but also eradicate any breath smells, replacing them with the pleasant aroma of rosalina and peppermint or lemon-scented tea tree.

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