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The more we return to nature, the more we seek to protect it.

Along with fostering a deep connection with nature, creating eco-friendly products that are gentle to the environment is the cornerstone of everything we do here at Koala Eco. The concept of sustainability is frequently bandied around by brands and corporations — particularly close to Earth Day! — however, this is all too often accompanied by greenwashing and overinflated claims of environmentally minded actions.

As the interest in eco-friendly and natural products increases, so too does the prevalence of greenwashing. Unlike other industries, cleaning products don’t require a complete ingredient list, making it difficult for consumers to make informed decisions. On top of that, brands are often touting their products as eco-friendly while hiding many potentially harmful ingredients within the word ‘fragrance’ or claiming to have environmentally responsible packaging without backing that up.

Being a purpose-led company, an integral element of our mission at Koala Eco is to aid our community in connecting with and experiencing nature, something that enhances mental, physical, and emotional well-being. In turn, we’re passionate about protecting and conserving nature, reflected in our day-to-day actions and processes.

To combat greenwashing, we’ve chosen transparency. We’re proud of our ingredients, the packaging we house our formulas in and the organisations we support. Here’s how we strive to preserve and give back to the earth — every day of the year.

Our ingredients and packaging

Naturally, our formulas are created with the environment in mind. Locally made, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly, every Koala Eco product places pure essential oils at its core. Additionally, all our formulas are biodegradable, meaning that they won’t harm the planet by contributing to pollution or contaminating waterways. 

Our bottles are made entirely from rPET collected locally and shipped to you in a recycled cardboard box. rPET plastic is entirely recycled and recyclable, promoting a circular approach to sustainability. We also offer concentrates, glass bottles and refills.

1% for the Planet partners

As proud partners of 1% for the Planet, a portion of every Koala Eco product sold contributes to protecting the land, forests, rivers, oceans, and wildlife, supporting sustainable food systems, and tackling issues surrounding climate change and pollution. That way, every Koala Eco product you buy creates a greener future.

WWF Australia

We’re part of WWF Australia’s Partners in Purpose program, a small but strong community of small to medium businesses which have joined forces to create a better future for people, wildlife, and our planet. Together, members of Partners in Purpose aid in regenerating the Australian landscape by planting trees, restoring, and protecting wildlife, and futureproofing against climate disasters.

People & Parks Foundation's Nature Pact

Encouraging our community to develop and maintain an ongoing connection with nature is something we’re passionate about here at Koala Eco. On a company level, we’ve introduced several initiatives to foster this connection, including An Hour in Nature which compensates our team for spending two hours in nature a week as part of their working week, and our accompanying journal series, which profiles inspiring people who lead nature-focused lives.

To formalise this mission, we became the principal sponsor for the People & Parks #NaturePact campaign. Now in its fourth year, #NaturePact encourages people, businesses, schools, and organisations to commit to spending intentional time in nature daily for a month; to reap the transformative benefits to your mood, energy, and well-being.

Critter Scholars Program

We are now proud sponsors of the Critter Scholars Program. An initiative by the Oceanic Society, which pioneers nature-based tourism globally in pursuit of our mission to improve ocean health, the Critter Scholars Program provides youth from disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to partake in wildlife experiences. Youth from these communities can experience the ocean or hiking — often for the first time — and learn about marine science and conservation, the food web, and the natural history of wildlife.

The idea behind the organisations we support is that a dose of nature can bring healing to the human mind, body and soul. And indeed, studies have shown that spending time in nature can lower stress hormones, promote exercise, and positively affect mental health issues such as anxiety.  Arguably, humans have always had some awareness of these benefits. Still, as the world has become busier, noisier, faster paced and crowded, perhaps we’ve neglected our vital connection with nature’s healing power. 

We want to encourage everyone to reconnect with nature its beauty and wildness on every level and use every sense. Thrust your hands into the soil and feel its weight and texture. Wander among the eucalypts in your nearest park, breathe in their minty, citrusy, honeyed scent, and listen to the action of the wind or rain on their leaves. Plunge into the ocean and feel the tingle of salt when it dries on your skin. Sit and watch the sun go down or come up in a glow of rose gold. Tonight, go outside and look up at the stars for at least 20 minutes. The more we return to nature, the more we seek to protect it.

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