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Stress-Free & Mess-Free: How To Give Your Dog A Bath

Between long walks in the park, rolling in the mud, and jumping in puddles, a day in the life of a dog is always fun and often messy. While they don’t need to be bathed daily, if your furry friend is visibly dirty or stinky, it’s time for a bath!

How often should you wash your dog? 

Unpleasant odours and visible dirtiness are surefire signs that your dog needs a wash. However for furry friends who look and smell (relatively) clean, how often you should wash your dog typically comes down to their fur type. Dogs with oily coats (like Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, and German Shepherds) should be washed weekly, while dogs with shorter, water-repellent coats (such as Beagles, Bullmastiffs, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers) might only need to be washed once or twice a month. Your dog’s lifestyle — indoor or outdoor — will also influence the frequency of their baths.

How to wash your dog without making a mess

While the process of washing your dog can often result in you getting a bath by association, there are ways to make your dog’s bath time free from stress and mess. Whether you live in an apartment or have access to a backyard, here’s how to keep both your puppy and your place clean.

Select the right space

If you have access to a backyard, this is likely the best space to bathe your dog without messing up your home. Otherwise, depending on the size of your dog, try the laundry sink or a bathtub. If you’re using a bathtub or sink, consider buying a drain hair stopper; it’ll save you from dealing with a clogged drain post-wash!

Gather your supplies

To make the bathing process as seamless as possible, ensure you have the following dog-washing essentials ready ahead of time.

  • A dedicated dog wash: shampoo for humans doesn’t have the right pH balance for your dog’s skin and coat. Designed specifically for dogs, our Natural Dog Wash is enriched with the essential oils of sweet marjoram and rosalina, resulting in a warm, woody, and soothing formula that gently yet effectively cleanses your furry friend.
  • Towels: keep two to four towels on hand while washing your dog. To prevent your dog from shaking themselves mid-wash (and thereby splattering you and your walls with sudsy water), drape a towel over your dog in between rinses.
  • A gentle dog brush: brushing dogs with thick or curly fur before a bath can help keep their coats more manageable during and in between washes.
Prepare your dog

Before you turn the water on, trim your dog’s nails. For dogs with long, thick, or curly fur, brush it out beforehand to remove tangles; this will help the Natural Dog Wash reach your furry friend’s skin and ensure a more thorough clean. Use a wet wipe or damp cloth to gently clean your dog’s ears.

Washing your dog

When it comes to our Natural Dog Wash, a little goes a long way, so just dispense enough product to create a lather.  Wet your dog using warm water and then rub the dog wash mixture onto your dog’s coat before rinsing off.

For best results, shampoo your dog twice — the first time gets rid of topical dirt while the second works to cleanse the skin and pull out any remaining dirt and excess oil from your dog’s fur. Rinse well until the water runs clean, ensuring all soap and suds are removed from your dog’s coat. To wash your dog’s face, dip one of our Bamboo Cleaning Cloths in the dog wash mixture and gently wipe their face, avoiding the nose and eye areas. Use another damp cloth to remove any lingering soap.

Drying your dog

Use a plush towel to dry off all the excess water. If the weather is warm, you can let your dog air dry. Alternatively, use a hair dryer on the coolest setting to dry your furry friend’s coat, while being careful to avoid their face.


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