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Spring or Autumn? Koala Eco has cleaners for all seasons

Maybe it’s Spring, maybe it’s Autumn: whatever you call this time of year, this is when—in the southern hemisphere at least—the weather gets colder and wetter, and the days get shorter. It’s hard to resist the urge to cocoon in a cosy home.

In the northern hemisphere, meanwhile, it’s time to fling open the windows and get on with a spring-clean.

However, the last thing you want is to discover you’re sharing your family spaces with an accumulation of sand, dirt and general detritus that somehow has escaped your notice during the long outdoor days of summer, or winter nights rugged up on the couch.  So this is the time of year to blitz every corner of your home, whatever the weather.

Yet a home smelling like a laboratory—with all the chemicals, artificial fragrances and bleach from ordinary cleaners—is neither healthy nor appealing.

Help is at hand. KOALA ECO’s all natural products are totally plant-derived and non-toxic. Carefully formulated from high concentrations of Australian essential oils, together with natural cleaning agents like vinegar, sugar-based biodegradable alcohol and bicarbonate of soda, KOALA ECO’s products are safe for your home, family and pets, and for the planet, and their antiseptic properties are every bit as powerful as common supermarket brands.  

But as well as giving your home a great (and environmentally-friendly) clean, these products smell so good! Leafy, citrusy, herbal and fresh. Peppermint. Rosemary. Mandarin. Lavender. Iron Bark. Eucalyptus. Plants sourced in Australia, mixed with ingredients also sourced in Australia.

Imagine the uplifting effects of bringing the Australian outdoors inside with a room mist like KOALA ECO’s Natural Pink Grapefruit and Peppermint Room Spray; of spritzing your windows with our Peppermint Glass Cleaner (which happens to be a natural insect repellent as well as brilliant at cutting through greasy smears). Of washing your hands with Lemon-scented Eucalyptus and Rosemary Hand Wash; your dishes with Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin Dish Soap, and your floors (wooden or tiles) with our Mandarin and Peppermint Floor Cleaner. These all have anti-bacterial properties that are as naturally kind to skin as they are tough on dirt, and which leave a wonderful scent in the air.

They are remedies that Koala Eco owners Jessica and Paul have designed to be non-toxic and safe for the planet. Each product sold also triggers a donation from KOALA ECO to One Per Cent for the Planet, a charity focused on supporting eco-friendly projects and practices all over the world.

So wherever you are in the world, whether it’s Spring or Fall, KOALA ECO has the cleaners for all seasons: safe, natural and easy. 

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