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Spring Cleaning with Koala Eco

Days getting warmer and brighter? Spring is here at last … and it’s that time of year to give the home a really good clean and banish all of winter’s accumulated grime and clutter. 

While it’s great to have a clean and fragrant home, it’s fair to say not everyone enjoys the effort and hard graft that spring-cleaning demands. Yet what if these chores were to result not only in a pleasantly aromatic and hygienic house, but also leave you with a mood-enhancing sense of calmness and wellbeing? 

What if, instead of introducing toxins and harsh, artificial odours into every nook and cranny, you could clean with products that are super-effective and also natural, plant-derived, and eco-friendly? Wouldn’t the satisfaction of creating a clean home, body and mind help to make the spring-cleaning experience a bit less of a drag? 

What could be better for us and our homes than cleaners that bring all the benefit of nature indoors? Sprays and liquids that are safe, divinely aromatic, and which work with the environment, rather than against it? Cleaners whose chief ingredients include the 100% pure essential oils from native plants, which for centuries have been harvested for their medicinal and therapeutic properties? 

The nineteenth-century Transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau believed immersion in nature to be a deeply spiritual and enriching experience, essential for our health and wellbeing. It’s a belief that we at Koala Eco have taken to heart, and we’ve been making a wide range of natural, plant-derived products since 2017. All of them are grey-water safe, non-toxic and not tested on animals and, better still, the ingredients and formulation mean they can be put to work anywhere in the house. 

In fact, it's entirely possible to give your home a thorough spring-clean using just three of our star performers. Not only that, the essential oils in them number among nature’s top mood soothers and enhancers. 

Our Natural Dish Soap with Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin, for example, is a brilliant all-rounder. Lemon Myrtle {Backhousia citriodora} is an antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial superhero. With its fresh, evergreen, lemony notes, this essential oil packs a powerful punch, deodorising and removing bacteria while acting as a natural mood booster. Lemon Myrtle is often partnered with Mandarin in our products. Mandarin {Citrus reticulata} is nature’s perfect pick-me-up, its scent promoting happiness, contentment and calm. But it also has fabulous antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, which again, when combined with other essential oils, make it a truly powerful cleaner. Not only perfect for doing the dishes, the Dish Soap is also excellent at banishing dust from surfaces, like metal doors and window screens. Mix it with a little warm water, then wipe surfaces with a cloth, or scrub screens with a brush, then rinse thoroughly. It’s great for wiping down walls and ceilings, too. 

Got some really resistant patches of dirt hanging over from the colder months? You can dissolve stubborn surface grime with a solvent-free degreaser like our Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner, which also contains Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin. This beautiful fragranced spray works like a charm in kitchen cupboards (inside and out), and on surfaces and microwaves. Use it to clean the fridge as well. 

The third top performer is our Natural Floor Cleaner with Mandarin and Peppermint. Peppermint {Mentha piperita} has superb antibacterial, antioxidant, and insect-repellent properties. This combination of essential oils is terrific for cleaning floors, performing particularly well on wood. But don’t just stop at the floors. Gentle yet effective, our Floor Cleaner is also perfect for bringing the shine back to wooden shelves and furniture, and it permeates your home with a beautiful, crisp scent. Refreshing and revitalising, the aroma of peppermint is known to stimulate memory and concentration while alleviating headaches. 

Spring-cleaning can be a bit of a chore, it’s true; but if you are breathing in the goodness, purity and healing power of nature while you are doing it, then maybe the ‘spring’ will be in your mood as well as in your cleaning. 

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