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How to deep clean your bathroom

Typically considered the most arduous room in the house to clean, the bathroom is often relegated to last place on the list of common household chores. However, it doesn’t take much for the bathroom to get dirty, with the constant exposure to water and heat liable to causing everything from cloudy shower screens and grimy tiles to unsightly grout lines and mildew formation.

Fortunately, through a combination of efficacious and aromatic products, cleaning the bathroom can be done with minimal effort — with a sense of sensory escapism thrown in. Here’s how to deep clean your bathroom.

 You’ll need:

  • A few cleaning cloths
  • A long-stemmed toilet brush
  • A bucket
  • An empty spray bottle
  • A handheld scrubbing brush
  • Natural Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner
  • Oxygenated Bleach
  • Natural Glass Cleaner
  • Natural Room Spray

Tackle the toilet

Likely the most-used seat in the house, the toilet requires special attention when it comes to cleaning. Free from potentially toxic substances like chlorine, our highly concentrated biodegradable Oxygenated Bleach is composed of hydrogen peroxide, making for a safe yet effective way to disinfect surfaces and kill bacteria.

To avoid diluting the disinfectant effects of the Oxygenated Bleach, Add four - six capfuls (20 -30ml) of Oxygenated Bleach to 2 litres of warm water in a bucket and use a sponge or spray bottle to liberally disperse the solution over the toilet bowl and under the rim. Wait 15 minutes and use a bristle brush to scrub the interior of the toilet bowl.

Then, spray the external surface of the toilet bowl and toilet seat with our Natural Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner. Powered by eucalyptus, it works to clean, disinfect, deodorise, and freshen your bathroom while leaving behind the quintessential scent of the Australian rainforest. Use a cleaning cloth to wipe down surfaces.

Make your shower shine

Mineral deposits and soap scum can cause cloudy marks on your shower glass which can’t be removed with water alone. Spritz the same Oxygenated Bleach solution over your shower glass and bathroom tiles and leave for 15 minutes before scrubbing with a scrubbing brush. Use the shower head to blast the wall with hot water to wash the solution away. You can also use our peppermint glass cleaner for streak free perfection.

For shower screens, bathtubs, and tiles without cloudy marks, simply spray generously with our Natural Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner and use a cleaning cloth to wipe away before blasting with hot water. This also makes for an effective weekly for fortnightly maintenance routine between deep cleans.

Get rid of grout lines

Dark grout lines can make an otherwise clean bathroom look dirty. As grout is essential for keeping your tiles in place, it’s important not to use harsh or abrasive cleaners that may cause it to degrade. Our Oxygenated Bleach disinfects surfaces and lifts stains without impacting the integrity of the grout. Simply spray the Oxygenated Bleach solution onto tiles and grout and leave for 15 minutes before scrubbing vigorously. For ultra-thin grout lines, use a brush to address hard-to-reach areas. Rinse the entirety of the space.

Flawless floors

Our Natural Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner is ideal for use on tiled bathroom walls and floors. Spritz surfaces generously and use a sponge mop to clean floors and a damp cleaning cloth for the walls.

Lasting sensorial impact

To keep the scents of the Australian rainforest in your bathroom for longer, spray our Natural Room Spray around the space; the scents of pink grapefruit and peppermint are cooling and uplifting, making for a refreshing sensory experience.

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