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Cultivate a Hospitable Home

As autumn comes to a close and the seasons change, the first few new leaves begin to sprout on a once sparse tree as if to say, “this too shall pass.” With many of us around the country staying close to home, nature proposes a masterclass in quiet resilience; its beauty remains undeterred by human affliction yet acts as a soothing balm for it. 

A time of renewal and rejuvenation, spring provides the ideal time to refresh and reset. As the days grow longer and the flowers start to bloom, we take the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and begin the process of deep cleaning our homes. Far from an arduous task, cleaning with Koala Eco serves as a sensory journey, allowing you to invite nature into your space.

To celebrate the transition into the warmer months and hopefully bring the therapeutic power of cleaning into your home, we’ll be sharing six weeks of exclusive discounts, cleaning tips, and home-keeping ideas designed to transform every space into a beautiful sensory sanctuary. 

For the first week of spring, we’re starting with the basics. Comprising our Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner, Dish Soap, and Laundry Wash, the Koala Eco Starter Kit contains the essentials you need to kickstart your spring-cleaning journey. 

Deep cleaning your home can often seem daunting, but dividing it into areas makes it easier. Start from the ground up; whether it’s footprints in the hallway or dust in the living room, floors are typically the first area to accumulate mess. Powered by two of nature’s most potent aromatics, invigorating peppermint and enlivening mandarin, a little of our highly concentrated Natural Floor Cleaner goes a long way. Just two capfuls of our kind-natured yet potent antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaner added to a bucket of warm water are all it takes to restore your floors to perfection.

Communicate Spring with your own flora

Since time immemorial, plants and flowers have been used as a form of language. From classic red roses used to declare love to iris representing hope and trust, flowers often subtly communicate what words often cannot. To create a welcoming home, why not create your own floral message? Cheery and light hearted, native Australian golden wattle is in full bloom, making for the perfect way to greet guests. Pare it back with white freesias or opt for colourful wildflowers to welcome spring. 

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