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Breathe out the winter blues…and breathe the summer in

Do you ever feel that when summer finally arrives, it’s as if the whole world lets out a collective breath and begins to relax into the long golden days. 

It’s something to do with the light as well as the warmth: sunrays refracting through water, early morning dew pearling the grass, daylight filtering a palette of colours through the green of the trees. 

It’s also has something to do with the way that the sounds and smells of nature intensify. The birdsong seems more charged with energy, the earth smells richer, and plants—especially at the end of a really hot day—perfume the air with a heady mix of exquisite aromas.

It’s wonderful to witness people and animals responding to all these sensory delights. Cats lazing in sunshine, kids playing in the ocean, people smiling at each other! Dawn to dusk, we become creatures of the open air.

At Koala Eco we have always aimed to capture the benefits of nature in our products, particularly the therapeutic properties of essential oil aromas. And when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, appreciating the gifts of a summer hike or a cleansing surf in the ocean, it’s unthinkable to return to a home smelling of artificial scents.   

Thankfully, this needn't be a concern with our safe, powerful, plant-based products. We’re not suggesting you should waste a minute inside when you could be out in nature this summer, but remember before you head out, something as simple as a quick spritz of the Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin in our Multi-purpose Kitchen Cleaner will keep surfaces clean and germs at bay. You’ll return to a home smelling just as fabulous as the summer air.

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