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Take A Moment

An invitation to take a moment. Time is often thought of as a scarce resource for many, however the act of slowing down can be the most efficient path to...

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Nature Makes You Kinder

I was recently sent an article that resonated deeply with me about the physical and mental benefits of spending time in nature. I think we can all agree that nature...

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The Notion Of Beauty

At Koala Eco, the overall notion of beauty is something more ineffable and all-encompassing than just aesthetic. True beauty celebrates the things that make up your being; how you care...

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Our Spring Cleaning Picks

We do a little bit of cleaning and tidying daily, but as spring approaches, it's time to enter deep cleaning mode. Here are a few of the chores that we find...

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Cleaning

Of all the adjectives you might associate with household chores, it’s unlikely that the word ‘therapeutic’ would come immediately to mind. There’s perhaps a tendency to regard home cleaning as...

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Our Founding Story

Brought together by a love of nature and a shared passion for the environment, co-founders Jessica and Paul’s story spans the densely urban surroundings of New York City, the untamed...

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The Curious Side Effect of Kindness

Although providing help to friends and colleagues or rendering assistance to strangers has some pretty obvious benefits for the receiving party, an often overlooked and underrated benefit lies in our...

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A Letter From The Co-Founders

Since we were last in touch, there have been some exciting developments for KOALA ECO. We’ve welcomed two new additions to our team, we are close to launching two new...

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Why We Love Community Gardens

It’s no secret that here at KOALA ECO, our focus is creating effective, non-toxic, plant-based products that are safe for you and your family, and friendly to the environment. However,...

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Our Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

Clean without compromise  From petrochemicals to plasticisers, irritating fumes to chlorine and ammonia, mainstream multi-purpose sprays are often built on a cocktail of chemicals. Sure, they might strip away the...

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