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Why it’s Important for Women/Mothers With a Small Business to Stick Together

Running a small business is something that can bring about such an overwhelming sense of achievement and triumph to your day. At the same time, it also has the ability to turn it completely upside down. With more than 2 million small businesses in Australia, the level of competition grows fiercely. A large portion of these small businesses are online and with that comes about many responsibilities.  Not only will you be running on online business, but you’ll also be a Digital Marketer, a Graphic Designer, a Web Developer, a Content Writer, an Accountant and some of you even mothers.  It’s goes without saying that any bit of support and encouragement will never go astray.

“There’s such a ground swell movement at the moment with women supporting women. The kindness of my female friends and small female run businesses encouraging each other and forming a community is inspiring. We can do this; raise our babies and support each other and succeed while making a difference” – Jessica Bragdon (co-founder of KOALA ECO)

At KOALA ECO, we are fortunate enough to have situated ourselves amongst some incredibly talented women/mothers.  Most of them are in the online business space and all of them have shown an immense amount of promise and direction.  The largest thing that we share in common is our ability to support and encourage one another.  It’s goes without saying that each and everyone one of us has a deep mutual respect and a genuine desire to see each one of us succeed.

It’s what we’ve done for so long …

Creating a supportive environment is nothing new for us women; it’s something we’ve been doing for such a long time.  Seeing this sense of support and encouragement emerge into the online world is truly amazing.  Women are realising that by supporting, collaborating and working with other women, it is giving everyone involved an opportunity to truly get ahead with their small business.

A really popular way of working together can be seen in Social Media. Social Media collaborations work really well if you know someone that is in a related market. You can leverage your followers to mutually help one another in increasing your exposure. 

What comes around goes around

Regardless if you’re a superstitious person or not, if you do a good deed, chances are that an opportunity will arise for you at some stage.  If you find yourself in the position to be able to help other women out there and give them advice on running their online business, then do so.  You never know whom they might recommend to you, or what they might know that you don’t know.  Even if you haven’t received something straight away, the feeling of doing something that is completely altruistic will be satisfying enough.

Stick together

If you can continue to work with other inspiring, diligent and talented women in the online world, then go for it.  Stick together and create your own web.  See what comes about from supporting one another by sharing your skills, knowledge and experience. Spread the love feel free to share and repost. @koalacoeco

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