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Making the most of the great indoors: how a winter home can be a healthy home

As the months get colder and more wintry, there will still be some intrepid families who are determined to make the most of the great outdoors, whether it’s through sport or walking, or just getting out in the fresh air whenever possible.

If you love wandering around in a park among trees, and taking great big breaths of the pure, leafy, natural aromas that are released just after rainfall, then imagine how it would be if you could bring that freshness in your own home, safely and naturally through cleaning products that are 100 % plant-derived and totally free of toxins?

Think lemon myrtle. Peppermint. Rosemary. Citrus. Lavender. Iron Bark. Tea Tree.

Essential oils extracted from plants like these, nature’s very own pharmacopeia, form the basis of cleaners made by KOALA ECO, a family-owned, Sydney-based company which specialises in products for the home that won’t harm people, pets or the planet.   

Especially during the winter months when we spend more time indoors, imagine the uplifting effects of being able to bring the outdoors inside in the form of non-toxic room misters like Koala’s all natural Pink Grapefruit and Peppermint Room Spray. To spritz your windows with Koala’s Peppermint Oil Glass Remedy (which happens to be a natural insect repellent as well as excellent at cutting through greasy smears). To wash your hands with Lemon-scented Eucalyptus and Rosemary Hand Wash, or your dishes with Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin Dish Soap: antiseptics which are as naturally kind to skin as they are tough on dirt, and which smell delicious.   

‘The ethos of home cleaning is changing,’ says Jessica Bragdon, who established KOALA ECO in 2017 with husband and business partner Paul Davidson. ‘If you are cleaning your home, but filling it with harmful chemicals, is it really clean?’

‘KOALA ECO products use only Australian essential oils, because these, together with vinegar, sugar-based biodegradable alcohol and bicarbonate soda are great alternatives to caustic cleaning products. The product aromas come only from the essential oils: no artificial fragrances, colours or harsh chemicals. What’s more, these formulas work just as well—if not better than—ordinary chemical cleaners.

‘Essential oils in particular are fragrant and effective antibacterial alternatives to thousands of mainstream chemical-laden products. Especially when combined with other natural biodegradable grime fighting ingredients, essential oils are equally (or more) effective than toxic chemicals,’ says Jessica.  

So, if you are thinking of keeping your home healthily clean this winter, check out the KOALA ECO range, and try bringing the power and scent of ‘real’ Australia into your cleaning routine.

If you choose a KOALA ECO product you are not just making a healthy and environmentally-friendly choice for your family, you are also making a difference beyond your home. Every product sold triggers an automatic donation from KOALA ECO to the environmental charity One Per Cent for the Planet. Use the best of the great outdoors to make a great indoors this winter!

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