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Why Autumn Cleaning Is More Important For Good Health Than Spring Cleaning

By now we’re all aware of the importance of spring cleaning, with the concept of rebirth and rejuvenation making for the perfect time to give your home a deep clean. While a spring clean can work wonders on your mental health, the oft-overlooked autumn clean is essential for you and your family to stay physically healthy over the cooler months.

With the temperature drop making staying at home all the more desirable, it’s crucial to ensure your hibernation location of choice is a clean, healthy environment. The combination of central heating and closed windows reduce ventilation around the house, creating the ideal breeding ground for germs, mould, bacteria, and dust mites that thrive in warm, enclosed environments. 

Although a deep clean is typically associated with blasting your home with harsh, pungent conventional cleaners, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at Koala Eco, we’re dedicated to transforming cleaning from a chore into a ritual, with our effective non-toxic cleaners, scientifically-formulated using beautifully-scented potent Australian essential oils and plant-based surfactants.

To ensure your home is ready for you to snuggle up in as the trees begin to shed their leaves, here’s our Koala Eco guide to autumn cleaning.

On the surface

To prevent the transmission of undesirable winter bugs being passed on by bacteria and germ-ridden hands, regularly wipe down all surfaces (think benchtops, shelves, cabinets, communal spaces) with our wood-safe Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner which harnesses the anti-bacterial, deodorising power of Australian lemon myrtle to effectively kill bacteria and germs. Plus, keep our Natural Hand and Surface Spray on hand around the house to quickly and easily sanitise hands and surfaces on the go. 

Bed, floors, and beyond

Among the most often used elements of the home, bedsheets, sofas, pillows, window treatments, and carpets can be a haven for dust mites and bacteria looking for a new home. To ensure you don’t harbour any uninvited guests, use our Natural Laundry Wash to deep clean all sofa and pillow coverings, bed sheets and duvet covers, curtains, and draperies. Combining the formidable antibacterial powers of rosemary and lemon-scented eucalyptus, our biodegradable formula works to thoroughly cleanse your fabrics, leaving behind nothing but the fragrant scents of the Australian rainforest.  

Autumn marks the ideal time to tackle your carpets; either with a thorough vacuum or by enlisting the help of a professional carpet cleaner. 

Air It Out

A key reason many of us fall ill during the cooler months is the buildup of moisture and condensation that occurs indoors due to a lack of ventilation. To prevent this, ensure you air your home out every morning by opening windows around the house and letting external air in; this works to reduce indoor humidity and dampness, preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria, and dust mites which trigger or worsen respiratory conditions. This is particularly important in bedrooms, as dust mites (much like us!) love warm environments but can’t stand the cold - nip them in the bud by airing out your bedroom daily. 

Wash Your Windows

Keep your windows sparkling clean with our Natural Glass Cleaner; a few spritzes of this potent, peppermint powered cleaner is all it takes to lift dirt, dust, and grime. Then, simply wipe away with an Organic Bamboo Cleaning Cloth.

Spotless & Stainless

Tackle chrome and stainless steel surfaces around the house with our Natural Stainless Cleaner, which uses antibacterial peppermint to polish and protect stainless steel and chrome surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. A multi-purpose product, our Natural Stainless Cleaner also works a treat on ovens and dishwashers. To lift stubborn congealed food or grease stains from the oven, simply spray affected areas and leave to sit for 20 minutes before wiping away. 

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