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The Gifts of Spring

After the long dark months of a northern hemisphere winter, nature often sends us small yet unmistakeable signs that spring is finally on its way. What are these moments of magic, and how do they make us feel? Here are a few thoughts from myself Koala Eco co-founder Jess, marketing director Claire, and managing director (USA) Dee:

I know that spring is on the way when…

  • I start noticing all the smells of the earth, thawing. And lilacs, hyacinths and daffodils 
  • I’m driving home and noticing that the trees in my front yard are starting to have little green buds, and the bulbs are starting to pop up in the soil
  • I’m hearing all the songbirds that seem to come alive in the spring

One of the best things about spring is…

  • Looking forward to spring-cleaning, and refocusing on what I can keep and what to let go (both literally and figuratively)!            
  • Walking around the neighbourhood; it’s the only time of year you really feel the air is sweet
  • Planting my garden and inhaling the fresh smell of spring 
  • When the wall of purple wisteria flowers comes out all of sudden: so striking and so beautiful                                                                                                  

Spring makes me feel…

  • I open all the windows and let that fresh air clear out the stale winter air
  • Like it’s an awakening, a fresh start, hopeful and new
  • I never thought spring-cleaning was a thing, but now I realise how wonderful it is to feel the fresh sense of cleanliness. Getting rid of the musty, dusty winter is so uplifting
  • Like I can have all the windows and doors open all the time to get the fresh air: it makes me breath more deeply and stand taller somehow                                   
Spring is …
  • The best time for a clear out, clean floors and clear surfaces: happy!

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