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What if you were to read the following on the label of your favourite cleaning product?

A heady aroma of triclosan and triclocarban, with a subtle trace of Perchloroethylene and the freshness of 2-Butoxyethanol, and a lingering finish of Ammonia.

Not too appealing, eh? Well, believe it or not, those ingredients (and others) could well be what has gone into making certain products smell good to you.

‘Fragrance’ is often a word we associate with pleasant scents and freshness. However, with standard cleaners, this can be a potent chemical cocktail. The ‘hangover’ may well involve allergic reactions and hormone disruption.

Some fragrance chemicals have not been assessed according to safety regulations. Fragrance formulas are considered trade secrets, therefore, many companies aren't required to list their ingredients, but merely label their products as containing ‘fragrance’ (Organic consumers association). Unless all ingredients are disclosed on the product label, there is no way of knowing what’s in it.

So watch out for anything that includes phthalates, triclosan, and triclocarban, as well as Perchloroethylene or “PERC”, Quarternary Ammonium Compounds, or “QUATS”, 2-Butoxyethanol, Ammonia, Chlorine, and Sodium Hydroxide ( It’s likely their properties are as unpalatable as their names. 

KOALA ECO uses only ingredients that are 100% biodegradable, safe and plant-based. Our products contain sugar-based alcohols, plant-derived solubilisers, coconut and sugar-based non-toxic soaps.

The essential oils we use—and which smell only of their natural selves—include Eucalyptus Australiana, Peppermint, and Lemon Myrtle. Start small. Take something natural and non-toxic into your home. Switch to a KOALA ECO cleaning product. There’s no harm in it.

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