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More nature, feel better: safe, non-toxic, plant-based products

We’re often asked how Koala Eco came to be. What compelled us to focus on making products that would not only be kind to the planet and nature, but kind to people as well. 

We were both lucky as kids to grow up close to nature, and ever since then, nature’s power to heal and delight has been a powerful and necessary part of our lives. When we became a couple and started a family, we tried to play a part in protecting the environment by doing our best to live as mindfully as possible. Our younger son experienced a life-threatening health scare as a baby. While this wasn’t linked to any environmental causes, it nonetheless strengthened our resolve to live as healthily and sustainably as possible. 

So we launched Koala Eco in 2017, essentially because we couldn’t find the type of products we’d be happy to use in our own home. We wanted household cleaners, soaps and laundry liquids that were safe, powerful, effective, yet non-toxic and plant-based. Body creams and washes that could safely be absorbed by our skin. Products that would have a positive impact on our mood, spreading a beautiful and entirely natural aroma around every room.  Ingredients that would harness all the power of nature, and work with the environment, rather than against it. 

In addition to all of that, nothing would be tested on animals. Every Koala Eco formula would be biodegradable, grey water and septic safe. They’d be free of dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes, chlorine, bleach, sodium laurel sulphates and phosphates. These were our aspirations for Koala Eco, and we’re so proud to have stayed true to them. 

Five years on, and it feels like Koala Eco is achieving so much of what we hoped: offering a logical, natural and entirely safe alternative. Products for a clean home, body and mind. 

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