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How to store your knitwear after winter

Taking care of your knitwear after Winter is important for its longevity for seasons ahead, as well as a great way to help protect your household from dust allergies.

Our storage tips
  1. Wash your knitwear according to this guide.
  2. Peppermint essential oil is a natural bug repellent, so a light spritz of our Natural Pillow and Linen Spray and a good airing before storage is suggested.
  3. Ensure garments are completely dry before storing, with no moisture at all, as this will reduce musty smells and the potential for mould.
  4. We prefer to fold garments for storage - don’t hang - to retain correct garment shape.
  5. It's best to store knitwear in a drawer or cupboard to prevent excess dust when unfolding them next Winter.
  6. To prevent allergies at the start of next Winter, it’s best to re-wash all knitwear before use.

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