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How to remove single use plastic from your routine.

Plastic Free July is a wonderful opportunity for us all to take another look at our relationship with plastic in our everyday routines. It has a way of creeping into our homes despite our best intentions!

Here are our top tips for making a start to recognise and remove single-use plastic:


Look at the top 5 food items you buy each week and work out if they contain single-use plastic. Make a plan to swap these out for an alternative for the month of July and beyond. Often it’s the breakfast foods that are the most challenging, but make a great place to start.


When shopping online, choose companies that commit to using recycled materials in their packaging and shipping. It’s amazing how often we make better choices but it all falls down when the shipment arrives with plastic bags and fillers, particularly when buying clothes and accessories.


Choose to use products that contain refills that come in recycled and recyclable packaging. By stopping “new” plastic from entering circulation, even in small quantities or formats, it will make a huge difference to the amount of single use plastic that we are left to deal with for generations to come. We are proud that we have stopped over 1.3 million new plastic bottles from even entering circulation, thanks to our use of bottles made from curb side recycled plastic, that are also recyclable and refillable. Check out the full range of Koala Eco products - our bottles are all "no new plastic" and we also offer a refillable Glass Apothecary bottle which can be refilled endlessly. Shop here.


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