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Billy Ho finds solace and rejuvenation

Billy Ho finds solace and rejuvenation in the serene presence of trees. With a keen eye for the unique and whimsical, Billy delights in observing trees with intriguing shapes and captivating branch movements. He believes in the restorative power of nature, finding solace and relaxation from his work as a designer by interacting with the serene presence of trees and spending time with his beloved Japanese Shiba dog in his Bonsai studio. Find out about the Zen power of trees and the positives they bring in our latest hour in nature interview.

What’s your favourite thing to do in nature?

I like to look at trees, especially looking for the ones that have funny shapes and interesting branch movements.

Describe your connection to nature: what positives does it bring to your life?

I think trees have special Zen power. They make me feel relaxed every time when I interact with them. This is very important and keeps me going as I run a packaging and retail display design studio and that is my 9-5 day job.

It is often very fast-paced and intense during work hours, and this is why I am keeping lots of bonsai at my studio in Chatswood, so I can step out for a break.

What is your favourite natural scent, and why? 

Tea trees – I think they are one of the most refreshing scents out there. It is also very Australian too.

Is there an animal or plant that you’ve always felt particularly drawn to, and can you explain why? 

Japanese Shiba dogs are one of the oldest breeds and closest to wolves. They don’t bark often, and I think they are very much like cats. Mine comes to work with me at my design studio, and she also goes out and checks out my bonsai trees from time to time. She does all these cute expressions and always keeps me happy when she is around.

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