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The best!

You need this in your life! This is a game changer and I cannot recommend this enough. My Windows have never looked so clean and shiny.

Smells amazing

This floor cleaner leaves most amazing smell after mopping! It's smells so fresh, floors are sparkling clean and no harsh chemicals!

A gift for me!

Highly recommend this collection for anyone wanting to try Koala eco products. I came across the hand sanitiser in a store and really liked the fragrance and moisturising feel. So I looked up the web site and thought this collection was good value and a good representation to try. All three products are excellent and I can’t wait to try others from this amazing brand.

Great body wash product for your body and smells AMAZING

I love all the Koala Eco products and particularly enjoy using this product on a daily basis when i'm having a shower. Feels great on the skin and smells refreshing. Love the eco friendly formula and doesn't dry out my skin. Highly recommended if you're looking for quality natural body wash products which smell great in the bathroom.

In love with this laundry wash!

I've recently started switching all of my household products over to low-tox, and came across Koala Eco. I'm absolutely in love with this laundry wash! It does an amazing job and smells absolutely beautiful. My hands also no longer get itchy when I'm folding the washing. Will absolutely be keeping this one on subscription!

Beautiful smell

Just received my order (so quickly) cleaned the cupboards, tiles and fridge and the smell is absolutely beautiful and it lingers around for ages. The kitchen actually smells so clean. Thank you for an awesome product.


I tried my friend’s sanitiser and it was amazing so I had to order a bottle for home! The smell is gorgeous.


I love the dish soap. The smell is amazing and it cleans my dishes well.


I love the kitchen cleaner. The smell is uplifting and fresh. Best of all, it cleans well!

Natural Laundry Wash
Mira Nurdianti
The scent of Australia

I recently moved into a new home and needed laundry detergent asap to wash new sheets. I was so pleased with this one! My Sheets smells so lovely, the laundry room smells divine too and it creates a beautiful scent across the rest of my apartment. The shipment was faster than I expected. I received it the following day after I placed the order (Sydney based). So happy with my purchase and looking into getting more Koala Eco products.

Pregnancy safe and fabulous

Thought I’d try this as I was looking for cleaning products that were considered safe during pregnancy. I was pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness as well as the wonderful scent. Even after pregnancy I will continue to use these eco friendly cleaners as they’re much gentler on the hands and better for the environment.

Natural Hand Wash
Tamara De Matos

Non drying and fresh. Looking pretty on the bench is a bonus.


I love it! It smells amazing and it really works. Everything is left feeling clean and Im comforted knowing it’s safe for the whole family. It cleans everything so beautifully and doesn’t leave streaks or a residue. I’ll be repurchasing.

Smells amazing

I’m so glad I finally converted all my cleaning supplies to natural products. This range does such a good job, smells amazing and makes me feel good knowing I’m not using harsh chemicals on my dishes, clothes etc. I’m fully converted!

Smells like candy cane

It smells good without smelling artificial and it's not overwhelmingly strong like some other body/hand lotions. The consistency is light and non-greasy but it still moisturises my skin. I love that it has natural ingredients.

Natural Hand Wash
Cathy Watson

I have bought this soap so many times as it provides a thorough wash yet is non-drying to the skin. It’s beautiful packaging and Australian bush fragrance makes it perfect to give as a gift too.

Dish soap is so nice!

I love this dish soap. It smells nice, washes oils off well and seems to be more gentle on my dishes.
I love products that are natural but also work well and this one ticks all the boxes.

Fresh & Clean

Cleans all surfaces, no streak marks - scent is fresh! Only thing that I can find that cleans greasy / oil or marks off my bench

Natural Floor Cleaner
Courtney Brooks
Great - fresh and no streaks!

Great product which I use in my steam mop, doesn’t leave any sort of streak or stickiness like others on the market. Fresh smelling and feels like it actually cleaned!

Great floor cleaner

Love the smell. The fresh eucalypt scent permeates the whole room after cleaning the floor, it's absolutely wonderful

Super Happy!

So happy to have found chemical free cleaning products I love cleaning with, wont be using anything else but Koala eco products, cleans great!

Super Happy!

Great stainless cleaner smells fantastic, so happy with all my Koala eco products!

Natural Glass Cleaner
Jasmine Webber
Super Happy!

Super happy with my first purchase of Koala eco products, this product smells amazing and I now enjoy cleaning my house, will be purchasing again! Works great!

Endlessly impressed!

I’ve been using the multi purpose kitchen cleaner for a few months now and I’m just so impressed. As a chronic migraine sufferer, I can’t really withstand synthetic scents so Koala Eco’s beautiful natural fragrances are perfect for me.

A wonderful refreshing treat for your hands

I love this hand wash! It smells beautiful and leaves my hands feeling really fresh. People ask me where I get my hand cream from and I tell them it's my handwash that makes my hands smell good. I love the natural ingredients, they do not dry out my skin.