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Daily floor cleaning

I never wanted to mop until I fell in love with this scented floor cleaner. It is heavenly, both fresh and minty. I often reach for the mop just to take a deep breath in and feel rejuvenated. Totally recommended.

Smells amazing, so convenient

Not only does it smell great, but this spray does double duty on door handles, yoga mats and table surfaces. Keep it handy in the workplace and in the car, like I do!

Everyone’s happy

I have been using Koala Eco for about 2 years and love everything about these beautiful products. My adult kids are used to using them (mostly because they smell good) so when they both recently moved out of home, they were excited to see that I had prepared a pack of things that I knew weren’t on their needed lists. My care package included this collection amongst other things like clothes pegs and a first aid kit. It was good to see them excited by cleaning products lol.

Makes me want to mop!

The smell is so insane, I’m completely obsessed. It’s cleans beautifully too, I use it in my steam mop and also my spray mop and get amazing results from both. BUT SERIOUSLY THE SMELL!!!

Apothecary Glass Bottle
Bronwyn Jackson
Buying more!

This is the cutest bottle and looks so good in my kitchen I’m buying more.

Heaven scented

Cleans floors beautifully and makes the whole house smell divine. Love this cleaner

Amazing product

The product smells lovely and cleans effectively. Delivery was surprisingly quick!

Natural Laundry Wash
Helen Howarth

I was sceptical that a product so eco-friendly could clean as well as the laundry powder I've been using for years and years, but I'm converted. I'm wishing I made the change a long time ago. Now using Koala Eco products throughout the house - love them all.

Natural no residue, no unwanted chemicals.

Great basic body moisturiser, I add a squirt of zinc sport spf into my hand and mix with this moisturiser for a perfect sunsceen that sinks in and you can’t see or feel but works l, even for hiking for a good part of the day. Didn’t need to reapply. No sunburn.

Amazing smell

This is the best soap and wash for removing grime and strong smells, my farmer husband requests ‘the good soap’ for his hands now 😂

Nice starter pack

This pack has everything you need and more. The hand wash and the kitchen cleaner are very strong scents (the mandarin and the rosemary). The floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner & laundry liquid are fantastic!


Cleans the floor really well, I have a crawling baby so it’s nice to know the floors he’s on as no nasty chemicals

Smells amazing

The scent is really lovey, cleans really well, I was a bleach user and this is great.

Works with Cold Wash & Smells Stunning

I am so excited to have finally found a natural laundry liquid with no nasties that actually works! It smells amazing - upon opening the washing machine I always get a bold fresh zingy scent. Some natural brands are not so good with odour elimination and don't perform with cold wash, but this does. My husbands smelly work clothes always smell clean, I never feel like I have to re-wash. It's also alot more concentrated than I realised so it's better value than I first thought.

Awesome first purchase!

I purchased this pack in order to give a few things a try and each product has become a staple in my household. All work amazingly, smell beautiful and last as a little goes a long way. Can't recommend enough!

Lovely smelling

My favourite thing to do after cleaning up is spraying this, it leaves the kitchen pristine clean and smelling so beautiful

So gentle and beautiful scent

We love koala eco dish soap. We have been using for a year. No nasty ingredients. So gentle to our hands. We love it.


I am so happy to be using a natural kitchen cleaner that actually cleans well and smells so beautiful. The scent definately lingers for a while which I love! It's great for cleaning inside the fridge too.

Refreshing and cleans beautifully.

After using the same kitchen cleaning product for a number of years, I switched over to this natural alternative and I won't go back. The scent is uplifting and refreshing and it cleans beautifully.

Amazing laundry wash

I decided to try this product for washing my bub's clothes and linen as I wanted something natural - it is amazing! It also smells lovely and now I'm using it to wash everything! Would highly recommend this product :)

Wonderful product

I’ve been using the fruit and veg wash to clean all fresh produce. It’s amazing how much dirt and grime comes off of the produce, plus you only need a little amount and a sink full of water to clean it all and have peace of mind.

Natural, safe and beautifully scented

I was concerned by the surface sprays available at the shops so I looked into Australian companies with natural products. Koala Eco delivers. Their surface spray smells amazing and cleans surfaces well. I use the kitchen spray on bench tops, sinks, the stove top and the oven.

Amazing product

It's a fantastic product! Cleans well and smells amazing. It lasts for ages and so much better for your skin. Highly recommended!

Best product ever!

This is by far the best glass cleaner I’ve ever used. Love love love it!

Love it!

This is the best sanitiser. I use it to disinfect almost everything and it smells divine. I always carry it everywhere I go, even I have kept one bottle in my daughter's school bag. She also loves using it coz it has got her favourite peppermint oil. Thank you Koala Eco for giving us toxic free powerful products. Please don't stop making them. They all are absolutely fantastic!!