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Natural Dish Soap
Cecilia Mclachlan
Love it

Really love their products and the smell. Also looks stylish on my kitchen bench.

Best change

Love this product and this brand. I don't know why it took me so long to switch from supermarket cleaning products. Never going back! Smell amazing. Works super well. Highly recommend.


This hand sanitiser is beautifully scented and is my favourite hand sanitiser. It leaves your hands feeling clean and moisturised- no sticky residue and a lovely consistency!

❤️Koala Eco

My cleaning lady and I both love this product.
It does a great job and smells lovely

Love these products

I had purchased a bottle of the natural floor cleaner some months ago at a retail store. Was pleased to finally get around to ordering directly from Koala Eco. The product does a brilliant job on the bamboo timber floors and the perfume is fresh and clean.

I ordered the room spray with my floor cleaner order and it makes the house smell wonderful.

It is so good to be able to purchase Australian Made and Owned products. Well done Koala Eco!

House smell amazingly fresh

I have nearly used my first bottle bc not only does it clean my floors I love the fragrance that fills the house when I wash my floors. Clean floors and clean fresh fragrance what more could you ask for 😊

Natural Dish Soap
Denise Walsh
Really Really Good

I love the Koala Eco range, the smell is divine and the products actually work.
I was initially a little bit doubtful that the dish soap would actually cut through and clean a greasy pan but it works and just as well as the chemical laden ones found in the supermarket. Don’t think about buying it just do it you won’t be disappointed.

The Best Floor Cleaner!

This is by far the best floor cleaner I have ever used. I was so tired of chemical floor cleaners that once I found this one I fell in love. The house smells so refreshing like mint and citrus and the floors clean so nicely. And the great thing is that you don’t need a lot because it’s concentrated. It also gives me such peace of mind when I have kids and during my pregnancies when exposure to chemicals is dangerous. Hands down the best floor cleaner I’ve ever come across. Thank you Koala Eco!

Amazing smell

This sanitizer (and all their products) is so divine! All natural, smells incredible *,you actually know when the kids have used it so they can't find! Feels so safe on the family. Thankyou for an awesome range X

Love these products!

I love the kitchen cleaner - my kitchen smells divine and the bamboo tops are loving it! I also use the clothing wash and the smell when I open my washing machine makes me really happy! I also really appreciate above all else that this company uses recycled plastic - I don't feel guilty buying the products! Thank you Koala Eco!
Kind regards


Smells amazing and removes stains from my stone bench like no other product I’ve tried


As soon as a did my first spray I was in love with the smell and the fact that actually cleans surfaces first time around even my mother in law is going out to buy some

So gentle, smells beautiful

Not only does it have my clothes smelling DEVINE but also my home!!! It’s so gentle on my clothes and also my skin. I was really struggling to find a liquid that didn’t irritate me and I no longer have to search!!! 5 STARS!

Fantastic Bathroom Cleaner

Hands down this is the best products on the market to clean the bath, sink and shower. I have always cringed in the past with having to scrub the shower but with this little gem I just spray and leave for 5/10 minutes and come back to just having to wipe off all the soap scum. Love it!!! Smells Amazing too 🙂

Kitchen cleaner spray

I love this cleaner it smells amazing. Cleans everything to perfection. Beautiful product and very effective. This product is simply the best.

Natural Dish Soap - Refill
Catherine Porter

This dish soap is amazing. Cleans everything and puts a lovely shine on everything. Beautiful smell and excellent product.

Refreshingly Simple

This hand wash smells so refreshing and feels delightful on your skin.

Hooked on the smell

Just love this fresh and non manufactured smell. Will be the only product I use now. I had an issue with the sprayer on the bottle and this amazing company responded to my email within 24 hours , sent a replacement spray to me plus refunded my money. Now that is A+ customer service. I hope they branch out into reed diffusers and candles.

Best smell ever!

Absolutely love this product. Smells divine and does a great job of cleaning the kitchen benches. Will definitely be buying more of this product.

I'll be buying more

It's pretty simple. The scent is very nice, and it doesn't leave a residue on your hands. I don't have any reason to go back to using other brands.

Natural Laundry Wash
Maddison Cincotta
the BEST laundry liquid I’ve ever used

this is my favourite & only detergent I’ll use again
It cleans my husbands work clothes and stubborn stains out of my baby clothes, the smell is divine & it’s safe for everyone’s skin and the environment! Doesn’t set off my husbands allergies like every other detergent has, we love it! You only need a cap or two for a each wash so a bottle lasts me about a month.

Love love love it

I have tried to find a great stainless cleaner and have finally found it!!! And it smells great too...

Love this!

This spray has a really fresh and natural scent. I don’t think I will be able to use anything else now!

Cannot fault it

Between a pandemic and having a baby, I have never washed my hands more in my life! I have tried various natural/non-toxic hand wash solutions and yet my dermatitis would flare up, not with Koala Eco. I'm so thrilled to have found a product and entire range that works, is beautiful and aligns with my values.

Love the smell!

This product is one of my favourites, after cleaning the kitchen the smell lingers beautifully! Highly recommend