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Great bathroom cleaner

This bathroom cleaner is great. No more strong chemical smells in the bathrooms. We love the clean eucalyptus smell that is left after using this cleaner. And it cleans well and helps the environment. What more could you ask for in a cleaner?

The best kitchen cleaner ever!!

I absolutely love this kitchen cleaner. It smells amazing and I love cleaning my kitchen and other areas with this spray!! This is the second time I have repurchased a refill!

The best dish soap ever!!

This dish soap is amazing! It smells so nice and makes washing up a breeze. It lathers well and cleans everything I need it to!!

I love it

The best quality product

This floor cleaner is the bomb

Works fabulously on wooden floorboards - can't believe I was slumming it with that disgusting smelling Pledge wooden floor cleaner for so long! My floorboards come up beautifully with this and the best part is the divine smell of my house after mopping with this.

Best hand sanitiser on the market

My hubby has eczema and dermatitis and Covid has been awful for his hands as he works in a gym and sanitises constantly. There is nothing out there in the market like this - we have tried every sanitiser under the sun and this is by far and away the most gentle (normal sanitiser dries out his skin terribly) and effective with the added bonus of being non toxic and smelling fabulous. Great work Koala Eco!

No more holding your breath to clean the bathroom

Love a sparkly bathroom but usually have to blitz it with toxic smelling cleaners and either wear a mask or hold my breath. Enter Koala Eco. I could spend the whole day in my bathroom without fear of choking on toxic fumes. Makes cleaning rewarding and dare I say it, I almost look forward to it!

Multi purpose sanitiser spray

Great as a handy sanitiser and also love using this to clean my phone and spritz my clothes with. I have this available to the members of our gym and I have seen many of them sneak in a spritz over their gear after a workout! As with all KE products, smells incredible and you have the peace of mind knowing that you're not inhaling toxins.

Refreshing and soothing

My family and I love this hand wash. We have eczema and dermatitis sufferers among us so finding hand wash can be difficult, made especially hard during a pandemic when you are constantly hand washing. It is gentle and calming and best of all, great for sensitive skin.

Smells great - need one in every room!

I use this room spray in every room of the house! Great in the bathroom, bedroom and living room, and is great in the kitchen too- the scent translates well across all these rooms as it's fresh and natural, not that synthetic perfume you get with other room sprays. Love that it is safe to spray with my kids. I also use this at our work - a small gym, and it is amazing at eliminating the smell of sweat.

Revived my old stovetop

Love this product! We have a very old stovetop but this has completely revived it. I also use this on my fridge, dishwasher front, and my sink. Much easier and effective to use than jif and no elbow work required. Smells great too and love the peace of mind knowing that I'm spraying something non toxic in the kitchen.

Great fruit and Vege wash

I was using apple cider vinegar in water but not feeling like it was doing the job. This is far superior - you have the peace of mind that those toxic pesticides are being cleaned away and there is no aftertaste at all.

Best Multi purpose kitchen cleaner out there

I love using this because it smells lovely, and I can spray on my countertop or table without having to move my glass of water/bowl of fruit/plate of food for fear of contaminating it with toxic fumes! Most importantly it is an excellent cleaner, cleans just as well than it's toxic counterparts like Spray n Wipe

Odour eliminating

One spritz & offensive odour is removed and replaced with a delightful refreshing citrus ๐ŸŠ


Best kitchen dish soap there is! Keep coming back for more.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. So effective & smells devine. I will never use another product.

Love this soap!

This soap feels awesome on my hands every single time I use it :)

Amazing products

I have purchased the kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, dishwashing liquid and fruit and vege wash and all of the products have been amazing. If youโ€™re going to get just one I would recommend the kitchen cleaner as it properly cleans surfaces and smells amazing

The best smell in the world

I usually hate lotion (especially when you mistake the lotion bottle for soap), but oh my gosh the smell is the best thing ever. Soooooo good. And lovely on your hands.

Gentle beautiful scented laundry wash

This laundry wash is my favourite Koala Eco product. You don't need to use a lot and the scent is amazing!!

Fantastic product

Works well and smells great!

Fantastic product

I have been using this product for the last few months and love it! Smells great and works well.

Fantastic product

I've been using this product for the last few months and I love it! Smells great and works well.

Amazing products

Love these products - leave your house feeling & smelling so fresh, while also actually working to remove dirt/grime!!

Smells amazing ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŒฟ

Works great and leaves the whole house smelling delicious!