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What Does It Mean For A Company To Be Eco-Friendly And Sustainable?

Being a sustainable, eco-friendly company is something that seems to get more attention every year. There is an amazing shift happening in consumer's awareness of their own impact. People are no longer just accepting the products they see without thinking about where it’s from and what affect it could have on them and the environment.

This shift towards a more environmentally aware community is one that is big, however it is not yet big enough.  Every day though, more and more people are beginning to question what they’re buying in the supermarkets. They’re beginning to look elsewhere, to support companies that are sourcing their products in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. 

What is an eco-friendly company?

At KOALA ECO, we were formed on the basis of wanting to become an eco-friendly company.  Giving consumers an option to purchase cleaning products that were not doing any harm to their family or the environment is a choice that we wanted to provide.  For that very reason, we feel so strongly when it comes to the topic of being eco-friendly. 

An eco-friendly company is one that is dedicated to producing and supplying products in a way that is not going to harm the environment.  When we speak about not harming the environment, we’re essentially referring to companies not using toxic chemicals, replacing non-recyclable plastic packaging with a friendly, sustainable and yet practical option, and to incorporate as many recyclable items as possible.

Why does sustainability play a role?

Sustainable business practices play a major role in any eco-friendly company’s future.  It’s essentially the way a company will be able to ensure that the products and packaging their using won’t be made from resources that run the risk of being depleted from the way they’re using them. It also focuses on safeguarding the natural equilibrium that exists in the environment and taking careful steps to avoid disrupting it.

What is KOALA ECO doing?

At KOALA ECO, we are one of the first eco-friendly and sustainable companies to incorporate the .eco domain (website name).  To get this special type of domain, we needed to undertake a rigorous check to confirm that we were indeed producing and supplying products that were kind for the environment.  We are also constantly implementing new ways to help main a sustainable approach to packaging and distributing.   

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