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The underrated cleaning multitasker that's already in your kitchen

When it comes to household cleaning products, the best formulas are those that go above and beyond their designated use. A veritable sink-side staple in any home, our Natural Dish Soap harnesses the antibacterial benefits of lemon myrtle and mandarin essential oils and combines them with plant-based surfactants to create an efficacious sudsy formula that effortlessly breaks down oils and greases.

Each ingredient in our Natural Dish Soap was carefully selected for its ability to be gentle on the skin (no dishwashing gloves needed!) while being tough on grease and food waste. These properties allow our Natural Dish Soap to extend far beyond the realm of the sink, with its versatile nature lending it to use in other areas of the home. So, once your pots and pans are sparkling clean, here are seven lesser-known ways to use our Natural Dish Soap around the house.

Cleaning outdoor furniture

While it's designed to withstand the elements, backyard and patio furniture isn’t immune to dirt, dust, and grime — to keep your outdoor furniture looking its best, it should be cleaned at least four times a year (ideally at the beginning of each season). Whether your outdoor furniture is made of wood, wicker, mesh, or metal, the gentle nature of our Natural Dish Soap works to remove grime and build-up without damaging surfaces. In a bowl, mix two squirts or pumps of our Natural Dish Soap with a cup of warm water; lightly wet a bamboo or microfibre cloth with the solution and use it to wipe down surfaces. Wipe and dry with a clean cloth.

Make your jewellery sparkle

Exposure to the elements, sweat, cleansers, and creams can dull the shine of your jewellery over time. Fortunately, our Natural Dish Soap can easily restore gold, silver, and metal jewellery to its formerly sparkly state. Simply add a few squirts or pumps to a bowl of lukewarm water and soak your jewellery in the solution for three to five minutes. Remove and rinse with cool water before using a non-abrasive bamboo or microfibre cloth, or even a soft toothbrush to remove any lingering grime.

Clean your hairbrushes and combs

Between dust, scalp oil, and dead skin cells, hairbrushes and combs can get gross quickly. To keep your hairbrush clean and prevent scalp irritation, clean your brush at least once a fortnight.

Once you’ve manually removed any remaining hair wrapped around the brush bristles, add a squirt or pump of our Natural Dish Soap to a large bowl or sinkful of warm water. If you have a synthetic brush, soak it for ten minutes. However, if your brush is wooden, simply dip the bristles in the warm water solution. Scrub between the brush bristles with an old toothbrush to remove any clumps and gunk before rinsing under running water and drying.

Carpet stains

Thanks to the presence of plant-based surfactants, our Natural Dish Soap can aid in removing oil-, grease-, and food-based stains from carpets and rugs. Mix a squirt or pump of Natural Dish Soap into a cup of warm water and use a soft bamboo or microfibre cloth to gently blot the solution onto the stain. Repeat until the stain has faded and rinse the area by dabbing with cold water.

Clean your mouthguard, retainer and dentures

While it may seem peculiar to use dish soap as part of your dental care routine, its mild and non-abrasive yet efficacious nature actually makes it better suited for cleaning your dentures, retainer, and mouthguard than conventionally used toothpaste. Simply add a pump or two of our Natural Dish Soap to a clean toothbrush and use it to brush your retainer, mouthguard, or dentures gently. Thoroughly rinse your retainer, mouthguard, or dentures in cold water before using.

Degreasing kitchen cabinets

While benchtops are generally wiped down daily, kitchen cabinets aren’t always afforded the same regular care. However, regular cleaning is necessary, as the oils and grease from the kitchen mingle with smoke and dust, creating a layer of sticky grime and grit on kitchen cabinets. To address this, mix a squirt or pump of dish soap in a cup of warm water; then, use a bamboo or microfibre cloth to scrub cabinets. The surfactants in our Natural Dish Soap work to cut through oils and grime, leaving nothing behind but the soothing and uplifting scents of lemon myrtle and mandarin.

Windows, Metal Doors and Window Screens

Our Natural Dish Soap is a great cleaning hack for large outdoor jobs. A few squirts or pumps in a bucket of water can wash larger outdoor windows with a squeegee and rinse clean and squeegee off excess water. Metal doors and window screens respond well to warm water and our KOALA ECO Natural Dish Soap. Scrub each screen with a brush or cloth, then rinse thoroughly.

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