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Pure paradise! Bring the 'real' Australia into your home with our Natural Pink Grapefruit and Peppermint Room Spray

Imagine it’s sunset, and you’re walking slowly through an orchard of lush grapefruit, with peel as blush-pink as the sky. You’re surrounded by the soft perfume of the fruit and—wait—is that a dash of peppermint?

What else would anyone want in a room spray?

We’re launching our Pink Grapefruit and Peppermint Natural Room Spray, combining the heavenly scent of Citrus paradise with the stimulating (and insect-repelling) aroma of Mentha piperata.

No chemicals, no artificial fragrances, just highly concentrated essential oil from an imaginative combination of two aromatic plants which grow naturally in Australia. This is a room spray to pep you up, not make you wilt.

There are so many so-called ‘air fresheners’ on the market, but unfortunately a lot of them contain artificial ingredients. People hope that their homes will smell ‘naturally’ good, but in reality they’re breathing in things that have questionable health benefits. Plus, these products simply can’t smell as good as the real thing.

We’ve formulated this room spray from plant-based sources. As well as essential oil from the peel of Pink Grapefruit, it has the additional bonus of containing Peppermint essential oil, which acts as a natural insect repellent. It also contains sugar-based biodegradable alcohol and purified water.

Mist this in your home, and you’ll breathe in the ‘real’ Australia, without harm to yourself, your loved ones, or the planet.

Koala Eco Journal


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