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Daily Rituals

A world away from the harsh odours emitted by conventional cleaners, Koala Eco cleaners serve as a sensory accompaniment to your lifestyle, inviting you to breathe deeply and let the outdoors in as they effectively and efficiently cleanse your home.

Often thought to be a more potent lemon scent than lemon itself, lemon myrtle combines with uplifting mandarin in both our Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner and Dish Soap to create hardworking antibacterial formulas that eliminate germs and deodorise spaces without the need for toxic substances. The delicately creamy citrus scent complements the dishes you create in the kitchen, adding a pleasant layer of olfactory depth to your space.

Everyday acts 
The thought of a complete home clean can seem overwhelming, which is why we prefer an everyday approach. Ensuring spills are taken care of straight away, and surfaces are wiped down at the end of each day can go a long way towards keeping a clean home. A true multitasker, our Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner effectively removes bacteria and germs and is safe to use on food preparation areas and benchtops, as well as appliances like microwave ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. 

Utilising the potent force of pure peppermint oil, our Natural Stainless Cleaner polishes and protects chrome-plated and stainless steel surfaces, making it the ideal way to make your stovetop and oven shine. For harder to budge messes, spritz all over and leave for 15 minutes before using our bamboo scrubbing brush to lift grime, stains, and residue. 

Daily rituals 
The true nature of a ritual lies in the difference between reluctantly pulling on some rubber gloves to tackle the seemingly never-ending mountain of dishes and approaching the sink armed with our Natural Dish Soap no gloves needed; breathing in the zesty scent of creamy lemon myrtle and energising mandarin as you wash, and taking a mindful moment to enjoy the almost meditative, technology-free time. 

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