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At Home With Koala Eco Cleaning Products with Love Mae AU

 You may have read our Q&A with Jess of Koala Eco earlier this week. Jess sent us some of her products to try out, and our Designer, Serrin took them home to test. Here's a little visual diary, and our thoughts on the cleaning products we tried from the Koala Eco range (plus you get a sneak peek around our designer's home!).


Testing the Koala Eco All Natural Dish Soap on our bamboo dinnerware products Testing the all natural stainless steel and chrome cleaner in our Love Mae designers kitchenTesting the Multi Purpose Bathroom cleaner in our Love Mae Designers Bathroom
At home cleaning glass the natural way with Love Mae

Literally all of the Koala Eco products smelt delicious AND amazing, which made our boring home-chores a lot more exciting for the week!

The Dish Soap smelt great; it’s got a wonderful citrus sherbet aroma coming from the lemon myrtle and mandarin. It was nice and foamy, and had the added bonus of being gentle on sensitive rash prone skin!

Next we attacked our stainless steel stove top, with the Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner. It cut through all of the grease and splatters we get everywhere when cooking, leaving the surface bright and shiny! We’re big fans of peppermint, so loved the fragrance of this product.

The bathroom cleaner smelt so fresh and so clean 🎶, with eucalyptus giving it that medicinal aroma, which just makes you feel like all the germs are gone. This product was really efficient, getting rid of all the soap scum in the sink and shower without having to apply too much elbow-grease!

The natural glass cleaner totally got us again with the peppermint fragrance! Our ducks always leave a mess on the glass panes on the outside doors, but this made it really easy to clean - we have a lot of glass, so it was nice to use something that worked and helped us to save time too.


Testing the Koala Eco range in our Love Mae Flagship store in Byron Bay

Finally we kept the Multi-Purpose cleaner for our customer service legend, Mel to try out in our flagship store. Mel tested it on the fabric wall decals, plus a little accident that inconveniently happened. Lucky for us the store smells fresh and clean with the beautiful eucalyptus aroma, and the accident - well that was a a turmeric latte on a white desk, and incredibly this actually got the stain out - we are totally impressed.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaning products that work - we're sold! 

Koala Eco Journal


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