Organic Bamboo Cleaning Cloth


Koala Eco’s NEW ORGANIC BAMBOO ECO CLOTHS are a sustainable cleaning fabric to use on any household surface in conjunction with our all natural cleaners. Organic bamboo was chosen for the material as farming bamboo is an Eco-friendly process, does not require much water and bamboo is a fast mover growing approximately 30 cm per day!


The transformation of the natural material into the cloth is also environmentally friendly as it does not need chemical treatment due to its antibacterial and UV resistant natural properties. It’s also highly sustainable as its fabric is incredibly durable and will survive use after use, wash after re-wash. What’s even better is that it’s a carbon neutral fiber, which means it absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it releases during harvesting.

Coupled with our all natural, incredibly effective cleaning products this is truly a match made in heaven!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works perfect for removing makeup

After using these multiple times for cleaning, I soon realised that they were softer than my face washers so I bought a handful of these just for the bathroom. They feel great on your skin and perfect for washing your body. Hot tip- with a little warm water they are so effective at removing makeup!

Best Cloths

I feel like I have 1000 of these cloths! Absolutely love these cloths and use them for just about everything.

Love these cloths!

Loved these cloths so much I had to buy more! So soft and easy to clean.

organic bamboo cloth

I recently received the new cleaning cloth I ordered and I'm so happy with it, the original ones I ordered were good but these new ones are truly amazing softer and nicer to use and still 100% organic bamboo so I don't worry about what is going out to the oceans when I wash them so thank you for the incredible product, I love it!

Love these. Use them as spot gifts..

We absolutely love these. My extended family kept stealing them, so now I use them as little ‘on hand’ gifts. Your kitchen needs some!

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