Fresh and Healthy Yoga Mats with Koala Eco Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

When you think of yoga it should resonate health and wellbeing. We do it to make our bodies limber and strong. It can bring mental and emotional clarity. It supports our immune system and helps promote longevity. It should be a grounding and sacred time. It can help us with our personal growth. Yoga can quiet our minds and help us find peace within. Where we choose to practice yoga is important. We want the environment to embody the place we are traveling mentally and physically.  The equipment we bring to our practice should be free of harmful chemicals too.  Yoga mats can be found that are free of BPA, PVC, Lead and other biologically toxic chemicals.

We spend a lot of time on our mats and lets face it they get pretty sweaty and grimy. Often people either don’t clean their mats enough or do so with toxic unhealthy cleaners. Using unhealthy products to clean your yoga mat makes no sense at all. Spraying Lysol or using bleach on yoga mats is an unhealthy approach to combatting germs. Use Koala Eco’s all natural multipurpose kitchen cleanser with pure Australian lemon myrtle and mandarin essential oil to gently but effectively clean your mat. Our naturally clean and uplifting lemon myrtle and mandarin essential oil cleaner is powerful and safe. The incredible scent will not overpower and will save you from smelling toxic chemicals.

Yoga mats are dirty. published an article about yoga mats, "Yoga mats are the worst," said Dr. Robert Lahita, a professor of medicine at Rutgers School of Medicine. In addition to his M.D., Lahita also holds a PhD in microbiology, has worked in both infectious diseases and immunology, and has spent many years as a yoga practitioner, so he is particularly well qualified to comment on what lurks on an unwashed yoga mat. According to him, that can include bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more. "A yoga mat is a perfect incubator for many of our skin infections," said Lahita. "The yoga mat is a very fertile source for infection, mainly because people sweat on them and they rarely are cleaned." Yoga mats are often porous and these tiny holes provide growth opportunity for organism, fungi, ringworm, athletes, foot and even methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus. So what’s a yogi to do? To avoid a potential fungal or bacterial infection, don’t share your mat and wash your feet before practice. Buy your own and bring it to class, rather than using one of the shared mats at the studio or gym. Clean your mat regularly with our Koala Eco all natural multi purpose kitchen spray it will get rid of the germs with out adding toxicity. Our cleaners are super tough but they are also importantly non-toxic.

Side note after spraying wipe the mat thoroughly down and allow it to dry completely. Keeping your mat clean will help it last longer and will help you enjoy the full benefits of incorporating yoga into your life in the healthiest way possible…Namaste!